Great Ideas Use Wooden Box

Crate Wooden Box

Recycle boxes that you have at home or buy some accounts; you can do all this with them … If you have an open room or a small floor, using recycled wooden box is a good way to separate spaces and structure the area by uses. In the photo, for example, they have created a modular shelf as a separation with seven wood boxes in different positions. Decorated with the same tone of the wall, they fulfill their function perfectly. Great idea.

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The wooden boxes are perfect for creating shelves of all kinds. In this case, they have transformed a box of wine or similar into a small wooden shelf for the wall that they have hung with a bit of string. In this case, the special touch is given by the painted song of a strong color, which contrasts with the color of the wood. We love!

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If you do not have a coffee table, buy four beautiful wooden boxes and get one. Joined together, paint them or give them a layer of decorative varnish to protect the wood, as they have done in the example of the image. This DIY table will also serve to store magazines or anything else – always good to have a little extra space.